"Help! My Dog Was Diagnosed with Cancer. The Vet Told Me to Go Home. Nothing More Could Be Done.'

Those dreaded words. I've been there myself. I can't tell you how many times I've heard a client or friend make a similar statement. It always makes me un-nerved as I know that we can clean, strengthen, and regenerate the cells and tissues of our animals through DETOXIFICATION.

All Cancers are inflammation of acid build-up of cellular toxicity by unhealthy diets and environmental factors. While we have no guarantee an animal can overcome all health challenges through detoxification, we see a high percentage of them recover or at minimum liver longer lives than given by their veterinarians. The results really depend on the animal's current reserves, however, we have seen many dogs turn their faiing health issues around to live many more happy years or fully recover from their symptoms.

I wish I had understood the principles of natural hygiene and detoxification years ago when I started a 501c3 non profit animal rescue charity in Los Angeles. Back then, I did everything the veterinarians instructed me to do, thinking that I was an awesome pet owner. I allowed the many vaccines and aggressive therapy treatments on the animals in my care, resulting in further damage and issues down the road.

Cancer treatments like Chemotherapy has the PH much like that of Draino or battery acid, which results in more over-toxicity in the body. At first, these treatments may appear to reduce tumor size or stop cancer, but it ends up coming back more fierce throughout the body at a later time.

Deep Cellular Detoxification is essential to the elimination of abnormal cells. I’ve witnessed many individuals and pets take back their health and thrive after a diagnosis of having only weeks to months to live. When we address the imbalance, instead of suppressing symptoms, the body’s has the ability to do what it need to do to repair. Supplementing on numerous isolates or vitamins is misdirected, in my opinion, and offers more of a band aide affect. Synthetic isolated vitamins will not help in restoration of cells (regeneration) or clean out the garbage from the body. I see many holistic practitioners load dogs up (and people for that matter) on dozens of supplements. I’ve also been there myself through my healing journey. Been there, done that! The body sees these isolates as foreign substances and cannot fully metabolize. Much of it is discarded out from the kidneys. This inorganic chemistry actually creates a response from the body as "intruders." Sure, some may see a little improvement at first, but it is all a waste of time and money when you have better choices to aid and support the body.

Do yourself a favor and DITCH all the supplements. Get on a whole body feeding system with foods and herbs that are alive. Follow nature. Do not allow any person or doctor tell you that “nothing else” can be done.

Never lose hope.

Learn about the body's lymphatic system and role that the kidneys play in all dis-ease. There are so many great healers and teachers such as Dr. Robert Morse ND, Arnold Ehret, T.C Fry, Herbert Shelton, Dr. Sebi and more.

Learn about the orgins of the Germ theory verses the Terrain theory. Empower yourself with truth and knowledge to take you or your pets to wellness. This all applies to people and pets.

The TRUTH will set YOU FREE!

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