A free 15 minute call is recommended if you are unsure of the service you need. We will gladly go over our services and approach.                                          
Policies/Procedures for Bookings

  • Before we can proceed with your desired consultation or appointment, the Client Waiver must be completed and returned along with the Health History Questionnaire

  • For the COMPLETE ANIMAL WELLNESS CONSULTATION (90 minute,) please send Iridology photos (labeled left or right eye), a full-body shot photo, and blood work (optional.). This does not apply to the 30 and 60 minute consultations.

  • Failure to provide completed paperwork within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment a may result in a cancellation or re-scheduling of your appointment.

  • Clients need to fulfill payment requirement (PayPal, Venmo) within the day of booking with us through email. Most appointments are made privately via email correspondence. 

  •  Please send ALL paperwork in one email if possible to “rawlifewellness@gmail.com and payments can be sent via PayPal and Venmo to rawlifewellness@gmail.com

  • Consultations are performed via Zoom or Phone. Please specify your preference in your email.

  • A Zoom meeting link will be sent to you upon paperwork and payment completion. If for any reason there is a technical issue on the day and time of your appointment, check your email for another email with a fresh zoom link from us. 

  • We have strict 24 hour cancellation policy required for a full refund or for re-scheduling


How to take an Iridology photo:


(start at 2:30 minutes)



1. History Form

2. Waiver

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    Animal Health Consultation ( 1 hour)








Get your questions answered while gaining the knowledge and confidence to feed and properly care your animal companion. The Animal Health Consultation provides education, support, and natural solutions. 

Having an experienced Practitioner work with your pet's health journey is invaluable. Let us help to speed up your journey, and make sure you are on the right path. We will help you understand exactly what is causing your pet's health issues; and how to fix the problems at the root level. Without some guidance, your new path to proper feeding and detoxification can feel overwhelming. So, having a practitioner connect the dots will provide you with clarity.

What you will receive:

-60 minute one on one consultations performed through Skype Phone/Video

-Opportunity to ask questions

-Providing clients with natural wellness solutions to help your animal companion progress into an optimal state of health

-Understanding why your pet is having health issues and implementing lasting changes to fix the root causes of illness

-Species appropriate food education

-Understand myths and marketing food traps of the pet food industry

-Keys to maintaining optimal health

-Herbal suggestions. Written protocol and herbs NOT included. 


Please note: Health Forms and Waiver to be emailed and returned at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. You will receive an email from the practitioner with more information after booking is confirmation. 24 hour cancellation required.

               BOOK NOW

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Online $120.00

Mobile $200.00 (INQUIRE)

1 hour session

Payment to:

PayPal: RawlifeWellness@gmail.com

Venmo: @Tamra Rose


(90 min to 2 hour)


Each animal consultation is unique. It is based upon your personal pet’s current state of health, history and health goals. Working with nature to prevent or address the root cause of illness by focusing on the body as a whole through diet, herbs, love and resonance. 



 What you will receive:  

  • 1 on 1 Consultation (90 min. to 2 hr on Zoom)

  • Animal health history analysis 

  • Iridology overview assessment

  • 12 week written herbal protocol, session notes, and menu guide emailed within 48 hours

  • 1 complimentary email regarding questions or concerns with your written protocol

  • FREE 30 minute consultation via Zoom to re-asses and or adjust protocol (must be used scheduled within 30 days)

  • Discuss ongoing symptoms & action plan

  • Implement species appropriate diet and proper feeding

  • Learn about pet food marketing traps and education

  • Understand natural parasite prevention

  • Connect with the spiritual nature of your pet

  • Get your questions answered

  • Herbs not included, sold separately.                                                                                       

I recommend follow up sessions in order to re-check , re-asses, and update herbal or diet recommendations.  Monthly coaching or weekly email support can be arranged for an additional fee. 


Please note:
WaiverAnimal History Questionnaire, and Iris photos ( taken by you) labeled left or right eye must be emailed and returned at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointments. You will receive an email from the practitioner with more information after booking is confirmation. 24 hour cancellation required for a full refund.

How to take an Iridology photo:




Online $225.00

Mobile 350.00 (INQUIRE)

1 hour session


Or send payment to:

PayPal: RawlifeWellness@gmail.com

Venmo: @Tamra Rose

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Q& A and Follow Up Session


Quick Questions & Expert Answers


For some individuals, a 30 minute Q&A is a great place to start. Let's have a quick catch-up to answer a few questions and keep you on the path into wellness. I am honored to be able to be a companion to countless people  working their way into vibrant health, and keeping in touch with each other is the best way to keep you going in the right direction.

Get in touch and let's talk!


Please note: Client waiver must be emailed and returned at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. You will receive an email from the practitioner with more information after booking is confirmed. 24 hour cancellation required.



VIP 90 DAY CANINE DETOX + includeds herbs




VIP Exclusive!! Limited to 10

Weekly or Bi-weekly Coaching CALL 

90 Day Herbal Detox Protocol 

30  Pre-Detox Guide Pdf

Includes Complete Animal Wellness Consultation 

Weekly email access