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The horrific TRUTH is that Dogs and Cats are being diagnosed with serious medical conditions. It is now estimated that one out of every 3 dogs will get cancer. We are seeing an epidemic in the decline of pet health due to numerous environmental toxins, over-vaccination, and harmful feeding of commercial pet foods. These factors have greatly contributed to the increased cases of animal chronic illnesses. More pets are suffering from an array of symptoms like allergies, itchy skin, yeast infections, GI tract issues, bad breath, gooey eyes, tumors, incontinence, lethargy, hypo-thyroid, sugar metabolism issues, anxiety, bone and joint issues, seizures and more.

The Rawlife Wellness Pet Animal Regenerative Detox Programs have attracted many animal lovers and caretakers around the world. Unfortunately, many doctors and even many holistic practitioners only know how to treat symptoms. Society has gotten lost in treatment based thinking. While allopathic medicine is geared to “treat disease,” these concepts merely circle around deep core problems by masking, and not addressing the root cause as to why their pet’s health is failing in the first place.  Pet parents are relying on heavy antibiotic and steroid use which causes numerous side effects, further damaging the body, and suppressing the healing modality of the body. When we continue to prevent the body from eliminating time and time again, health issues will eventually just come back in a far worse state, leading to cancer, tumors, inflammation and or fatality.

Cat and Dog Iridology and Herbal Protocols

Chronic illnesses and diseases are preventable conditions that are caused by unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, stressful living, and environmental pollution.


Through cellular regenerative detoxification, symptoms can go away or decrease significantly. Our goal is to seek out the “root cause” of  “dis-ease.”

Acid-forming foods our pets are consuming are the catalyst to  inflammation and congestion in their body while also inhibiting or stopping the natural detoxification process. 

The many dog and cat diseases being diagnosed are in actuality,  “inflammation and congestion” needing to come out of the body. This is congestion is result of the accumulation of toxicity in the body known as acidosis.


Acidosis begins in the interstitial fluid which surrounds every cell of the body. The interstitial fluid is part of the lymphatic system, a system that is larger in volume than the body’s blood supply.

Lymph system is intended to carry away waste by-products of cellular respiration and energy production. Lymph waste is itself acidic. If the lymph waste cannot exit your body through the kidneys (urine) and the skin (largest eliminating organ), acids will just sit there and accumulate (toxic irritation) surrounding the cells.


Over time, too many acids in the body give way to degenerative dysfunction, and that, in turn, leads us into degenerative “dis-ease.”

Animal Consultations

The application of Animal Detox aka cellular regenerative detoxification according to nature’s laws, allows animals to return to wellness and release traumas by bringing them back into balance.


"Just like in people, dogs and cats can have energy blockages stored in their bodies from past traumas, poor diet, injuries, and vaccinations.

Consultations are a unique opportunity to learn and experience healing for both you and your animal and to deepen your understanding of your pet’s wellness and emotional needs."   ~ Tamra Rose 

  • Canine and Feline Iridology Assessments

  • Animal Cellular Regenerative Detox Programs

  • Herbal Protocols for Animals

  • Natural Feeding  

  • Remote Energy & Emotional Healing Work

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats

  • Plant Based Meals for Dogs

  • 30 day Transitional Detox Diet Plans

  • 90 Day VIP Canine Detox (Herbs Included) 

  • Zoom Consultations

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